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Sasha Bobrowicz

Publicity and Engagement officer

Sasha Bobrowicz currently serves as one of the co-Publicity and Engagement officers of Sussex’s TED Society. Originally from California, Sasha is an international exchange student here at Sussex. A Politics major, Sasha has always been interested in current events and innovative technologies making the TED society a perfect extracurricular. She is involved in numerous societies and is a member of College of the Holy Cross’ Hanify Howland Memorial Lecture Series, which, like TEDx, strives to inspire students by bringing individuals to campus that have dedicated their lives to public service. Such skills have enabled her to transition easily into a position with TED Society. Passionate about TED Talks and transforming the world with clever solutions and groundbreaking ideas, Sasha was very excited to join Sussex’s TED society in an attempt to bring “ideas worth spreading” to a university setting.