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Salome (Irene Koursoumbas)

Salome is a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a writer, a columnist ,a mother and a cook. Her book We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For is coming out in May 2015 and is all about beliefs that like a thick dust in a car’s engine have blocked humanity from reaching its potential and from moving forward and evolving. In her book she discusses the most crucial beliefs -veils- and ways to release them.

Having in mind that the collective purpose of humanity is to evolve – and not to survive as is for the animal kingdom- her vision is for humanity to reach the critical mass in order to evolve globally. Her extensive psychoanalytical training and her commitment to evolve and heal, helps her to assist anyone who wishes to evolve, in workshops held in London, Athens, Nicosia and lastly in Forest Row where she currently resides.

Salome in this talk will be addressing POWER and the beliefs we all hold against it, a way to release them in order to claim our power back -in order to become the drivers of our lives again-and honour ourselves. And then who knows??? There are no limits, only beliefs.