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Elliot Hunt

Academic Officer

With a background spanning several nations across the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Elliot is an idea-driven individual with a broad and international understanding of the world today. Through considerable exposure to modern cultures, particularly in the Middle East, and from learning of the diversity of human societies, Elliot grew a thirst for understanding why human systems operate the way they do and a passionate desire to be a part of the spreading of ideas and values on a larger scale across them.

Elliot has been actively involved in academic, public speaking and humanitarian projects through much of his life, providing the backdrop for the transition into his legal studies at the University of Sussex.

Now working in collaboration with TEDxSussexUniversity, Elliot has become a part of the wider TED community that spreads the breadth of the world. With this privilege, Elliot will be able to apply his experiences and the philosophies acquired through them in the determination to bring fourth new ideas to the thinking community. It is through ideas, values and education that Elliot finds there is great opportunity to spread knowledge to others and ultimately bring change to many global issues faced today.