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Doron Mazor


Spending his childhood living across three continents, Doron experienced a range of cultures and this has helped him understand the need for empathy and understanding whilst dealing with people from all wakes of life.

Truth be told, Doron can be found most of the times talking or eating so it is perhaps surprising he does not have much to say about himself. His biggest legacy is perhaps founding the Harry Potter Society at Sussex University and he values himself as an invaluable team member at TedxSussexUniversity. He will happily engage in conversation about a large multitude of subjects and may even possibly convince you he knows what he is talking about.

He believes passionately in the communication of ideas and the ability of a well communicated message to make a real significant difference and is in love with the idea of Ted. He can currently be spotted studying as a law undergraduate at Sussex University aiming to pursue a career in Environmental Law.