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Bipashyee Ghosh

Bipashyee is a doctoral researcher on Science and Technology Policy at SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit, and is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) in the School of Business, Management and Economics, University of Sussex, UK. Before joining SPRU in September 2014, Bipashyee was studying masters in “Innovation sciences” at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. Her current research interest lies in sustainability transitions, inclusive innovations, energy and urban mobility sectors in the developing world. Bipashyee has been involved in climate change activism ever since her undergraduate days in India. She was selected as an International Climate champion (ICC) by British Council in 2010 and as an ICC, she carried out an independent project on community awareness for eco-friendly lifestyle and environmentally friendly waste management in her hometown – Kolkata, India. It is due to this work and her contribution in building a sustainable lifestyle in her local community, that she was invited to participate in the International meet for Climate champions from all over the world in Goa, India and was also interviewed by a popular newspaper in India – The Times of India, featuring her in the “Magnificent minds” column. After her undergraduate degree in Economics, she was selected from Jadavpur University, India, to be one of the two exchange students to study in  Momoyama Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan for a year. This was a fascinating learning experience that gave her the right opportunity and exposure to be an international citizen. Bipashyee is still passionate about contributing to a sustainable change in society, lifestyle, habits and practises – both through her research and active involvement in the issues mainly in the developing world. She loves travelling across the world, meeting new people and exploring new ideas that are worth spreading!

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