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TEDxSussexUniversity 2012 – Hidden Wonders – Apr 27, 2012

The theme of TEDxSussexUniversity 2012 was “Hidden Wonders”.

A hidden wonder… A world of complexity behind something seemingly simple, or the pure, basic essence within what appears to be convoluted. Generating new ideas or taking an innovative angle on an everyday issue or question, revealing a surprising connection between what at first look, seemed unrelated.

A thought, a perception, a twist, an unexpected connection that inspires awe, astonishment, admiration; the marvels that provoke surprise and accentuate curiosity. See the world through new lenses and discover the hidden wonders.

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The sub-themes for each section of the event were:

1. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – Perception and ‘The Hidden Wonders’. From micro to macro in the world of science and technology – sharing discoveries, processes or products that have surprising, rare or unexpected results.

2. GLOBAL ISSUES- Impact and ‘The Hidden Wonders’. Local to global – sharing new ideas or an innovative angle towards a key issue that affects us all, directly or indirectly, however big or small.

3. ARTS, CULTURE AND DESIGN – The senses and ‘The Hidden Wonders’. Taste, touch, sound, sight, speech – sharing surprising, forgotten or hidden connections between the senses and art, design or culture.