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TEDxSussexUniversity 2015

This event will be the fourth and biggest annual TEDxSussexUniversity conference.

Past Events

TEDxSussexUniversity 2014 – Synthesis of a Modern World – June 10, 2014

This event was the third TEDxSussexUniversity conference

Theme Team Artists/Performers Speakers Program Venue Photos Videos

TEDxSussexUniversity – TEDGlobal2013 (TEDxLive) – Jun, 2013

The TEDxLive initiative to encourage and supports communities around the world to view live webcasts of official TED Conferences.

TEDxSussexUniversity 2013 – A Different View – Mar 27, 2013

This 27th March 2013 was the second annual TEDxSussexUniversity conference.

 Speakers  Team Program Sponsors Venue Photos Videos

TEDxSussexUniversity 2012 – Hidden Wonders – Apr 27, 2012

In April 2012, a small group of avid Sussex TED fans decided to hold the universities first TEDx event and succeeded with fantastic results.

Speakers Program Sponsors Venue  Photos Videos

TEDxSussexUniversity – TED2012 (TEDxLive) – Feb 29, 2012

TEDxLive is an initiative to encourage communities around the world to organize events around the live webcast of an official TED Conference.